If you have any questions or concerns Regarding Monticello Place Subdivision, please contact your section representative.  If you do not know which section you live in, please contact any member for more information. You can also download a section map to see what section your house is located in.  Click Here to View Section Map

You may need to download Acrobat Viewer to see the map, located on Adobe's web site.
Section 1
John Beyke                    502-266-0966
George Fauver                502-266-5436
Section 2
Scott Christiansen        502-267-4226 (Vice President)
Jeanie Spence               502-240-0618
Section 3
Shirley Gentry               502-267-6298

Wooded Section - 3A1
Donna Hummel            502-802-1803 (Secretary)
Wooded Section - 3A2
Steve Van Bogaert      502-267-4149 (President)

Wooded Section - 3A3
Open / No Representative
Wooded Section - 3A4
Open / No Representative
Wooded Section - 3A5
Carmel Blandford          502-963-5509
Donald Collini               502-266-7075
Section 4
Shane Karpinsky          502-267-6289
Neil Campbell               502-267-6648
Section 5
Wayne Hardin              502-267-6592
Section 6
Open / No Representative

At Large
Pam Miles                  502-523-9384    (Treasurer)

Monticello Place Community Association
Jeffersontown, Kentucky
Now available is a section map for Monticello Place in Adobe Acrobat format.  The map is about 2 megabytes in size and requires that you have the Adobe Acrobat software.

Click Here to View Section Map

2017 Section Reps and Officers