2016 Christmas Decorating Winners
1st - $175  Don & Deborah Collini 4506 Cornice Ct.
2nd - $125  Ray & Kathy Perkins 4408 Renaissance
3rd - $75  Frank & Diane Campisano 4502 Cornice Ct.
Honorable Mention
Norman & Susie Dearner 4503 Cornice Ct.
Jeffrey & Robin Gramig 4505 Cornice Ct.

New replacement mailbox
It is the homeowners responsibility to maintain their mailbox. If you want to replace your mailbox, you must use the post system approved by the Board of Directors. MPCA has a limited number of these box systems for purchase at cost. Please contact your Section Rep.The post system may be purchased on-line thru BudgetMailboxes.com for approx. $275. There is some minor assembly. The system code specifications are: Post (C1), Base (6), Number plate (4), Mailbox (0), Final (4) and Newspaper holder (7). The color is to be white. 

Department of Inspections, Permits and Licenses (IPL)
Common Enforced Codes

Metros' IPL has shared a list of commonly enforced codes for homeowners.  You can call anonymous by dialing 311. Please review the list of codes by

Keep our kids safe
Please do not make a habit of parking on the street.  Our deed restrictions do not permit parking on the street overnight for more than 24 hours.  Try not to park on the street during the day on busy streets such as Rivanna, Gutenburg, etc.

Street Signs
Please do not use tape on our street and stop signs. This may damage the paint and cause costly repairs.

Pet Waste    
Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your pets when taking them for a walk.  The new Metro Animal Ordinance now imposes fines for not immediately removing all feces deposited by your animal and also for not having in your possession a suitable device for picking up, collection and proper sanitary disposal of animal feces or manure when walking your animal.

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