Jeffersontown Code

Intent to Renovate
The Deed of Restrictions requires approval by the Board of Directors of any exterior renovations or additions to your propriety. Below is a link to get started with the approval process.

Standards for Service Building Approval (Sheds 144 sq. ft. or less)

Deed Restrictions
Deed Restrictions are now available in Acrobat (PDF) Format.  Please choose your section to download.  If you do not know which section you live in, please click on the "Section Map" link on the right.

ByLaw Resolution Amended May 8, 2017

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions,Restrictions

Section 1
Section 1 amendment
Section 1 Plat Plan
Section 2
Section 2 amendment
Section 2 Plat Plan
Section 3
Section 3 amendment
Section 3 Plat A Plan
Section 3 Plat B Plan
Section 3A1
Section 3A1 amendment
Section 3A1 Plat Plan
Section 3A2
Section 3A2 amendment
Section 3A2 Plat Plan
Section 3A3
Section 3A3 amendment
Section 3A3 Plat Plan
Section 3A4
Section 3A4 amendment
Section 3A4 Plat Plan
Section 3A5
Section 3A5 amendment
Section 3A5 Plat Plan
Section 4
Section 4 amendment
Section 4 Plat Plan
Section 5
Section 5 amendment
Section 5 Plat Plan
Section 6
Section 6 amendment
Section 6 Plat Plan

MPCA Financial Statements
Available upon request.  Please click on the 'Contact Us' link and we will email you the most recent financial statement.  Microsoft Word Format

Stepped Up Traffic Patrols
Your Board has requested the Jeffersontown Police to step up Police Patrols in our subdivision.  We have a lot of speeders (many are residents, by the way) and folks who are not complying with stop signs.  Let's do what we can to help by doing our part.

Monticello Place Community Association
Jeffersontown, Kentucky