Block Watch
Block Watch is a neighborhood based crime prevention program. It is designed to reduce crime and the fear of crime in residential areas. Monticello Place has started a block watch program in the neighborhood and would like to get everyone to participate.

Why start a Block Watch?

To build a sense of community, connect with your neighbors, and prevent crime. Block Watch is a neighbors-helping-neighbors program which takes very little time, and no money. It has been shown that neighborhoods with an active Block Watch program can reduce incidents of residential burglary by 64%.

Program Basics.

* Get to know your neighbors. At least one time per year have a neighborhood get together. Plan an event such as a Potluck Picnic, or an Ice Cream Social. Involve the children. Food seems to attract lots of people.
* Operation ID. Mark at least three items in your home with your driver's license number. Mark items which are likely to be stolen, such as stereos, computers, televisions or microwaves. The marking should be permanent and include the indication of "KY" for Kentucky, and "DL" for driver's license, e.g. KYSMITHJP544LN/DL.
* Physical Security of the home. Block Watch members will be given information on home security and can improve the security of their homes as they see fit and can afford.

How do I get started?

   1. Fill out the form below and let us know you are interested. We are starting to organize names of interested parties by street/section and will be scheduling meetings in the coming months.
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