Have you really looked at your mailbox?  Does it need painting? Are the scrolls falling off?  Mailbox itself rusty with a broken door?  Are you ready for a new mailbox post and paper box made of aluminum that will not rust?

The Monticello Board Mailbox Committee is attempting to bring attention to these issues so we can keep our neighborhood streetscape as attractive as when the subdivision was built.  Look around!  We have serious mailbox deterioration.

MAY IS GIVE YOUR MAILBOX SOME TLC MONTH!!   Neighbors help neighbors who may be unable to paint and repair.  Have a group clean and paint all of the mailboxes on your court, block or street at cost or a nominal fee.  Hey this is our home let's use May to spruce up every mailbox!

Please click here to see the new aluminum mailbox that will not rust or visit 9501 Rivanna Drive to see it yourself.  The new complete mailbox is available for $270. 

Need someone to install a new mailbox or scrape and paint your existing mailbox?  We have a general contractor who is retired military that is available for whatever needs you may have to get your mailbox back into shape.  The cost for a removal, disposal and installation of the new mailbox is only $65.  You can contact Fred Tyler at (502) 618-0257.

If you are interested in a new mailbox please click the contact us link or call Don Steitz at 502-240-0787

2018 Schedule

January 8th 6:30 pm
March 12th 6:30 pm
* May 14th * 7:00 pm
July 9th 6:30 pm
September 10th  6:30pm
* November 12th* 7:00 pm

* General Membership Meetings

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